Tour Stroke End Pieces

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Already own Tour Sticks? Just snap them into to these end pieces to create a new spin on our popular putting product,

On average, putting is 43% of the shots in a single round. That’s why even PGA Tour pro Billy Mayfair trusts Tour Stroke for the best use of his practice time.

Tour Stroke will revolutionise putting for golfers of all skill levels because it frames your putt for instant feedback on your stroke and alignment. Use Tour Stroke to identify:

  • Alignment
  • Ball position
  • Eye alignment
  • Stroke length
  • Stroke height
  • Stroke path

For use indoors and out, Tour Stroke features an easy-to-assemble design which fits right into your golf bag. It also features two different size openings — a 2.5" hole for beginners and a 2" hole for advanced players. Made in the USA.

  • Step 1: Position Tour Stroke along your intended target line so the opening aligns with the hole.
  • Step 2: Centre ball on the ground directly under the white stick and adjust slide rings for desired stroke length.
  • Step 3: Align your body parallel to Tour Stroke. When aligned correctly, your eyes should be directly above the white stick, making the ball appear to be split into two even pieces.
  • Step 4: Now make a stroke, keeping the putter head low to the ground on the takeaway and follow through. (If you start lifting your putter too abruptly, it will hit the white stick.) A good stroke will result in your ball rolling directly through the hole on your Tour Stroke.

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