Titan Minus Ion Bracelet BH+

Select a size: White (only available in 19 cm length)
Select a colour: White
Size: To fit up to 21cm Wrist
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Titan Minus Ion Bracelet BH+

The natural effect of BH + HipTitan bracelets based on four remarkable and valuable bio-energetic properties:

In discharging negative ions (anions), as they are, for example, in the forest with waterfalls or ascertainable. (In laboratory measurements, a guaranteed delivery of 1,200 negative ions per cc was found). Ions are electrically charged particles. (Greek "Ionos")
In creating a fine electric current of 0.06 mA - a quality that works well with our nervous system. (On the synapses, the ion currents are directly transmitted from one nerve cell to the adjacent cell and extremely quickly.)
Over the nerves then runs the impulse conduction to the muscles, for example (buying or relaxation).

Far infrared radiation (FIR) or low heat radiation called.
The reflective heat penetrates deep into the body, making the so-called vital rays of the blood circulation and stimulate cellular metabolism. (Material measurements in the laboratory revealed a permanent min heat-reflecting power of. 92.5%)
Three powerful magnets complementary à 0.06 Tesla strength, are polarized on the Bio-North.

Available in a choice of two colours White and Black

Size Infomation:

Length;19mm this bracelet is adjustable to fit wrists between 15mm and 19mm in diameter
Length 21mm this bracelet is adjustable to fit wrists between 17mm and 21mm in diameter (only available in Black)

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