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The idea behind the Golf-Grip training aid is to make sure you have the perfect grip set up every time you make your swing. Using this device will allow your hands and arms to create muscle memory so you do it without thinking.
This unique tool is easy to use and you will see fantastic results with regards to your consistency, control and distance. The Golf-Grip can be used by anyone from beginners to professionals, as a beginner you need to learn the right position from the start whereas as a better player you may slip into some bad habits and need to refresh your hands memory.
The Golf-Grip is a specially tailored training aid for one of the most important aspects of your game. It can be easily stored in your pocket or golf bag when not in use and can also be quickly and easily moved between clubs when using it to practice on the golf course.

After 5 years in development this training aid has the perfect design to help you create muscle memory which, after prolonged usage of the Golf-Grip, will allow you to achieve the perfect grip without assistance from the device.
Golf-Grip helps to prevent small issues within your grip and swing which may have a massive impact on your game. It prevents you re-gripping your club which involves you changing your grip at the top of your swing to prevent you hooking or slicing the ball.
Using the Golf-Grip during your practice will help you to work on your alignment and accuracy and help you generate more distance and excellent control for a cleaner and more focused swing.

The easy to use Golf-Grip can be used on any golf club and is simple to attach. By simply attaching the aid to the shaft and sliding it up onto your grip means it is attached and you can use the alignment lines to make sure the Golf-Grip is in the correct position.
The uniqueness of the Golf-Grip allows you to discreetly work on your grip due to the black colouring as it will match the majority of golf grips.
The Golf-Grip is made from a strong and durable Pebax TPE and TPR mix which allows the grip aid to be strong, durable and comfortable which is perfect for hitting shot after shot.

The Golf-Grip will fit on standard and oversized grips

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