TacTic Ankle Swing Trainer

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TacTic Ankle Swing Trainer The ankle Tac-Tic was designed to give the same feedback to a player who sways the lower body like a tennis player and breaks down the right ankle. The ANKLE Tac-Tic "clicks" when the ankle bends. This will cause the player to lose power from the coil and slice the ball. The lower body is the foundation to a powerful and consistent golf swing. The lateral hip movement (swaying on the lower body) weakens a player's foundations. Weight transferring to the outside at the right (back) foot is a result of swaying. Practising with the ankle Tac-Tic will teach a player to keep their weight on the inside of the right (back) and get rid of their sway. Once a player has learned to keep a solid lower body foundation they can build a powerful golf swing.

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