T-Stroke Putting Tool

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T-Stroke the Revolutionary 'NEW' Putting Training Aid from ARC Golf Concepts. T-Stroke has been designed by European Tour Putting Coach,

Andy Gorman. It has been used on the European Tour since the 2012 PGA Championships at Wentworth, where, during its debut week, it contributed significantly to a 4th place finish. Since then, a growing number of players are incorporating T-Stroke training within their practice routines and with several top ten finishes to date, we anticipate a first win for the product in 2013! Endorsed by 2012 HSBC Abu Dhabi Champion Robert Rock, T-Stroke perfects your putting set-up position and consistency of the putter-face during your putting stroke! What is 'T-Stroke'? T-Stroke is effectively an alignment bar that, whilst attached to the top of the putter, rests on the forearms. This simple alignment tool creates the optimum bio-mechanical angle between the putter-shaft and the forearms allowing the arms to hang naturallly from the shoulders and sets the forearms and shoulder alignment squarely to the target-line! Aligning the forearms and shoulders squarely to the target-line and the forearms parallel to the shaft/lie angle of the putter, the putter-face is square to the putting stroke! T-Stroke guarantees a repeatable set-up position and because you can stroke the putts whilst using T-Stroke, you gain confidence and feel by repeating the position and movement every-time. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

If your set-up feels different in the first instance using T-Stroke, this is good. T-Stroke is highlighting the necessary changes required to improve your putting stroke. If it feels comfortable, it is re-enforcing your ideal fundamentals and these should be practiced to ensure you maintain these critical fundamentals. T-Stroke not only shows up any faults, but confirms you are practising perfectly.

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