Eyeline Switchblade Face Alignment Tool

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Using the Switchblade for Full Swing:
Insert the full-swing blade in the slide unit.
Align the orange rail at the target. It is so close to the ball and swing line there is very little adjustment for parallel right.
Fasten the rail with tees.
Put a ball a few inches inside the blade. Give enough room to hit the ball and not the blade.
Align your clubface to the blade – it is perfectly on target.
Hit balls and slide the unit to get fresh turf without re-aligning the Switchblade.
Pay attention to the divot pattern compared to the rail – it shows path compared to the target line.
Using the Switchblade for Putting:
Insert the putting blade into the slide unit
Begin with putts 6-8 feet.
Align the orange rail a few inches right of the target line. You will adjust it to fit your putter width and the slope of the green.
Fasten the rail with tees.
Put a ball just in front to the blade, and toward the end of the blade. Depending on your putter style you will adjust where the ball will go.
Put your putter under the blade and make sure the blade of your putter and the Switchblade are perfectly aligned.
Move to longer putts with more slope. Square your setup to the rail, and your putter to the blade.

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