Srixon Z Star (5th Gen) with Square ball alignment technology

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Srixons 5th Generation Z Star ball with Square Ball Alignment Technology
Square Ball Technology is a combination of markings designed by a PGA Pro to assist all levels of golfers in all aspects of ball alignment.


This line promotes a square set up for all tee shots and putts as well as a greater swing commitment to the ‘ball to target’ line.


These lines help the player set their eyes squarely above the ball when putting. When the Shot direction line is lined up to the ‘ball to target’ line and centred on the top of the ball, these two small Eye Lines will appear the same distance from the outer edges of the ball when the player’s eyes are directly above the ball. This eye position promotes a square putting stroke.


This circle with a cross laid over it is positioned at the right hand end of Shot direction line. An early head lift is one of the most common causes of a bad drive or missed putt, but with a clear focal point at the back of the ball, players will find it much easier to keep their head steady longer. A steady head with eighteen tee shots will become a stronger habit with all shots, and putts will be struck with greater consistency.


Set at the end of the Shot direction line. The arrow promotes a full and square follow through with both putts and drives.


Perpendicular to the Shot direction line, this line if aligned to the putter or clubface leading edge, guarantees a square clubface on all tee shots and putts.

The SQ BALL TECH logo is a design registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office. It is overprinted on Srixon golf balls from the R&A list of conforming golf balls.

Ball Information
3rd generation Spin Skin
The softer cover coating produces more friction on the face of the golf club for even better approach and short game spin control, especially in the rough, resulting in better spin control helping you score lower. More bonding points in the coating limited the amount of friction generated At impact due to less elasticity.
The Srixon Golf Ball Features:
  • Softer, more elastic Spin Skin coating
  • Lower compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core
  • More aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Greater Distance & Control
Energetic Gradient Growth Core
The softer, lower-compression core enhances feel and promotes seamless energy transfer to optimise ball performance on every shot.
New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
The dimple pattern provides optimum combination of occupancy and dimple uniformity to create even less drag. The result is longer distances with a truer, more penetrating ball flight on full shots.

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