SKLZ Smart Glove (left hand only)

Size: Large
Sale price£19.45


SKLZ Smart Glove (left hand for right handed golfers only) with wrist and grip guide. One of the keys to great ball striking is a firm left wrist at impact. The Smart Glove, with removable wrist guide, sets your wrist in the correct position through the swing with a proper release.

Smart Glove is a dual-purpose guide to help ensure better ball contact

Back of glove includes removeable rigid wrist guide to keep player from casting and groove correct swing mechanics through the entire swing

Play with the guide in the glove to give the proper feel for wrist hinge and release, then remove it to take that feel to the course

Palm side of glove includes specialised fabric to outline proper grip positioning and superior feel

For tee, fairway, and approach shots as well as putting

Wrist guide can be removed for using glove for official play

High-quality Cabretta leather

Mens available in left hand size Large only

Endorsed by Rick Smith

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