SKLZ Refiner Putter

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SKLZ Refiner Putter Target Line Hinged Putter

Dual-Adjustable Hinged Training Putter. Putt with the Refiner to reveal where your stroke is breaking down. Rushing it? Getting off-plane? The hinge will break immediately. When the hinge stays solid, it means your stroke is too.


  • Patented, two-way adjustable-hinged putter gives instant feedback on tempo, timing, and clubhead path
  • Flaws in your stroke are immediately exposed by a break in the hinge
  • Engineered to putt golf balls and teach a smooth, even-tempo stroke
  • Can be used at the practice green, home, or office, any time of the year
  • Promotes better ball contact for truer putts
  • Includes adjustment key/divot tool

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