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Shot Scope have incorporated the GPS, PRO and GPS+TRACK into this stylish watch and each is unique in its own right and will immediately have an effect on your golf.

To get the most out of the Shot Scope you will need to screw the tags into the grip end of the designated tag. Once this is done have your smartphone to hand and turn on the Bluetooth. Sync the course that you want to play (btw there are thousands worldwide available) and head to the first tee.

The watch will automatically recognise you are on the first tee and the clear LCD display will tell you the usual - the par for the hole, distance and so on. When you hit the ball the watch realises a shot has been hit and will record the data.

After time the watch will build up data based on your performance through the bag and will be available for you to view on their dashboard. The dashboard will show the good, the bad and the ugly details of your game so that you are able to pinpoint areas where you require improvement.

A unique feature of the Shot Scope is that on approach to the green it will determine front, middle and back distances based on your exact location and not from the middle of the fairway like some watches. This technology gives a true yardage so that excuses cannot be used if you choose the wrong club or hit a bad shot.

A couple of great things about the Shot Scope are that there are no subscriptions to pay EVER, it has a 6 hour battery and the analytics are available on iOS, Android and Web Dashboard.

Please Note: For the most accurate readings it is recommended that you wear the watch on your glove hand. Before playing a shot you do not need to tap the tag - just play your shot and it will know what club you have hit. The ultimate golf GPS watch with automated performance tracking.
On the course
Smart GPS provides precise Front/Middle/Back distances from anywhere on the course. Use insights from your data and live distances to eliminate uncertainty, allowing you to focus on hitting the perfect shot every time.
On Course
  • 3 Modes: GPS, PRO, GPS+TRACK
  • LCD screen displays F/M/B distances to green
  • Automated performance tracking
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Every course in the world available
Off Course
  • Improve your golf with tour-level statistics
  • Every shot mapped onto an aerial map of the course
  • Industry-leading putting statistics
  • Analytics available on iOS, Android and web dashboard
  • Record and beat your personal records
All courses mapped with accuracy
Database of every course in the world. Every course is quality-checked and can be updated at any time. Superior imagery using both Google and Bing maps.

Performance Dashboard
Get unrivalled insights into your game through the Shot Scope dashboard. Industry leaders in putting statistics, Shot Scope use a combination of PinCollect technology, detailed course mapping data and fully-automated club recognition with ClubSense™ to make sure your stats are accurate.

Analyze your game
Review every round you have played and analyze over 100 statistics for actionable insights into your game.

Shot Scope watch, 20 lightweight tags, 1 x USB cable, Free user account and iOS/Android/Desktop apps

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