Right Angle2 Swing Trainer

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Right 2 Angle Swing Trainer
ear The Right Angle golf training aid to feel the proper position of the right arm when you swing. This golf swing trainer develops the width and extension you need for a compact, yet powerful on-plane swing.
Right Angle golf swing trainers are made a of a lightweight, durable plastic frame and covered with rubber padding. The training aid fits comfortably and easily over the elbow of right- or left-handed golfers.
This is an extremely effective golf training aid for the short game, as well. It teaches you to have the club, arms and shoulders working together in a one-piece pendulum motion, producing solid, consistent chips, pitches and even putts. It also works well in bunkers.
The Right Angle shows you how to set your wrists and hinge the elbow by forming a 90-degree angle, positioning your arm correctly at the top of the golf swing and "dropping it into the slot" at the start of your downswing - one of the keys to distance and accuracy. It also encourages proper release through impact and a full extension.
Right Angle golf training aids offer tactile as well as auditory feedback. The "clicker", which can be removed for more advanced practice, clicks at specific points in the backswing and downswing.
When you first begin using the Right Angle, we recommend that you use the clicker, as the audible feedback reinforces the correct muscle memory. The Right Angle will click at specific points in the backswing and downswing .
When you hear a click too early or too late, it indicates a breakdown in correct swing mechanics.
The Right Angle golf training aid works just as well for left-handed golfers.
The Right Angle Practice Drill:
It is recommend that you work with The Right Angle golf training aid regularly in order to develop the correct, on-plane swing.
While wearing the Right Angle, swing a five-iron twenty times a day, three to four times a week, to eliminate your slice and develop a slight draw.
When hitting golf balls while wearing The Right Angle, start with your short irons. You should focus on developing a smooth rhythm and one-piece takeaway .
Once you've hit with your short irons, proceed to the middle and long irons, then finish with your woods. Again, focus on a smooth rhythm and one-piece takeaway. If you hear The Right Angle click early in the backswing (before the 8 o'clock position), it means you've bent your right arm too soon and lifted the golf club .
The Right Angle golf swing trainer will help you get used to "dropping it into the slot," so your golf swing is compact yet produces a wider arc. You'll start to hear the clicker from the 8:00 position in your backswing until just before impact, when your right arm should return to a straight position.
The Right Angle does not allow your right arm to "break down" during the backswing, which makes it useful when practicing your chipping and putting.

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