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Putting Arc T3
The small T3 Putting Arc has been around since the Spring of 2002. The idea for this small device came from Greg Norman during the Florida swing in 2002. When he saw the Original Deluxe and he said the caddies would not like having to take something big and heavy to the locker room prior to playing. We soon came up with the T3 and made it available to the golfing public. We have no record of Greg Norman ever using or having a Putting Arc, but we very much appreciate his valuable input.
The T3 is designed primarily for use on the golf course, since its light weight (9 oz) requires that it be anchored to the putting green with golf tees. If used indoors, it must be secured by tape or weights such as water bottles in order to be used effectively.
Use of the T3 will help you create a putting stroke in which the putter head moves inside-to square-to inside on a very precise arc, and the face of the putter ALWAYS stays square to that arc.

Like all of the other Putting Arcs, the curve of the T3 is based on the 2200 year old math formulas of Apollonius of Perga. With the Putting Arc you can quickly learn the inside-to square-to inside putting stroke used by the majority of the world’s touring pros.

The putting stroke you will be learning with your Putting Arc is not a new stroke. In fact, it is the putting stroke used by the top putters in the modern era, putters like Ben Crenshaw, Brad Faxon and Tiger Woods. They were putting like this long before the Putting Arc was invented. With the Putting Arc, you too can learn the putting stroke these great putters grew up with.

Known Putting Arc users have won over 1400 pro tournaments since the Putting Arc was introduced in 2002.

You can quickly learn this putting stroke. The all-time PGA Tour scoring record of 254 was set by a pro who used it for only two weeks. This is a record that was set in 2004 and still stands. In this win this pro made every putt inside of seven feet and 58 of 60 putts ten feet or less.

For rapid and continued improvement in your putting stroke, use the T3 Putting Arc for 5 to 10 minutes EVERY day. Just make sure to practice half the time with your putter 1/2″ away from the Arc and maintain this spacing during the entire stroke.

The top PGA Tour money winner for the first six months of the 2016 wrap-around season has only missed using his Putting Arc for three days in these first six months.

Known Putting Arc users have won one or more of every major professional tour.

Known Putting Arc users have won one or more of ten different USGA National Championships.

The Putting Arc is based on an ellipse created from a very large circle, so it fits most golfers. Known winners have ranged from under five feet tall to well over six feet tall.

Despite teachers who say otherwise, the Putting Arc works for all kinds of putters including face balanced, heel balanced and long, broomstick putters. Known pro winners have used all of these different kinds of putters in the over 1400 professional victories by known Putting Arc users.

The Putting Arc is non-adjustable, so if it works for you now, it will work just as well five years from now. You will always have something to come back to if your putting stroke ever gets off-track.

There are many imitations on the market and some are colored similar to the Putting Arc, so make sure you are getting an authentic Putting Arc when you order one.

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