ProLiner Alignment Aid

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ProLiner Alignment Aid

Are you finding your golf game inconsistent?
Do your shots often hook or slice, landing you in trouble?

Professional golfers know that the secret to good golf is in the way you address the shot. Even with a perfect swing, your stance and position in relation to the ball is critical.

ProlinerTM Golf Training Aid helps you master your 'set up' for every shot - from driving to putting.

ProlinerTM kit features:
Easy to set up, use and pack away
Perfect for left and right-handed players
Comprehensive instruction booklet
Customising stickers
Nylon storage bag

The ProlinerTM is a cross-style device with a swivel and slide acton. Simply configure the device for the shot you want to play and lay it out in front of you.
Markings on the ProlinerTM help you position your feet, body and ball accurately, whether your preferred ball position is Fixed (Style One) or Variable (Style Two).
Use ProlinerTM whenever you practice and you'll quickly find the quality and consistency of your game much improved!

How can ProlinerTM Golf Training Aid improve my Golf?
By concentrating on mastering the basic 'set up' of the stance in a repeatable and consistent manner, ProlinerTM can ensure that you always line up your feet, body, hands, shaft and club face. This serves as an accurate visualisation and measurement toward the target and golf club, together with the golf ball position.

Where can I use the ProlinerTM Golf Training Aid?
Anywhere you can safely practice, either with a Golf professional as part of a structured training programme or as an individual seeking to improve the consistency of your golf e.g. driving range, golf net, practice area, or even at home to help with your setup and swing.

What do I get in the ProlinerTM pack?
ProlinerTM comes with the unique ProlinerTM Golf Training Aid, a comprehensive instruction booklet, customising feet stickers and a nylon carry bag ideal for slipping into your golf bag between shots.

Is ProlinerTM Golf Training Aid easy to use?
ProlinerTM is easy to set up and use.

Assemble the pointers and centre swivel
Configure ProlinerTM for selected golf club
Position feet and bal for the chosen club
With practice, you will soon be able to line yourself up perfectly, even without the aid of the ProlinerTM!

What are Style One and Style Two?
The ProlinerTM Golf Training Aid is versatile; in that it may be used in either of the two main teaching techniques currently employed by Golf professionals. Style 1 (Fixed Ball Position) or Style 2 (Variable Ball Position.)

Can the ProlinerTM Golf Training Aid be used in other ways?
Yes, with its design versatility, ProlinerTM can be used in a number of different modes. It's perfect for left or right-handed players and serves as a long distance putting target as well as a stroke and stance guide.

Can the ProlinerTM Golf Training Aid be customised to suit an individual's requirements?
ProlinerTM is adaptable to the individual, in that it can be personalised for use: e.g. junior players or players of various stature.

Players of different stature e.g. lady golfers or juniors, can perfect their stance by attaching customising feet stickers supplied as part of the ProlinerTM training aid.

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