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Power Balance™ wristbands and pendants, and their unique holograms, were developed by athletes in the United States. They can be comfortably worn in any type of sporting activity. In addition to many successful top-class athletes, Power BalanceTM thrills people with generally active lifestyles.

Far Eastern cultures have known for millennia that our well- being depends on the natural flow of energy. More and more people in the Western world are now adopting this age-old wisdom too. the creation of Power Balance™ was inspired by this philosophy.
Power Balance™ holograms are embedded in attractive wristbands and pendants. they are also available as stickers allowing Power Balance™ to be worn anywhere on the body. Wearing comfort is thus assured in all sports like golf, skiing, snowboarding, football, running, mountain biking, swimming, basketball, horse riding, hockey, volleyball, ice hockey, tennis, kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing and any type of freestyle sport.

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