Portable Tour Rodz (Collapsible Pair)

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Simply place the Portable Tour Rod Alignment Sticks on the ground and align the towards a target and hit away knowing that you are correctly aligned or stand them up vertically and practice your long game. There are all kinds of drills you can use the Tour Rods for, all you have to do is watch the pros to see what they are working on with their alignment rods.

The great thing with the portable Tour Alignment Sticks is that they fold up into 4 parts and can easily be stored inside your golf bag for convenience.

The Portable Tour Rod Alignment Sticks are one of the most versatile game changing swing aids that allow you to work on every aspect of your golf swing. The Portable Tour Rod Alignment Sticks are inexpensive and could be the difference between having a good day on the course or a great day on the course.

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