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Not many people can visit the golf course every day, or have the space for a putting green at home. The PlayaPutt hole simulator has been professionally designed and developed to provide the ultimate portable putting experience. You will be able to practice or play in your house, garden, hotel room or office, in fact anywhere there's a suitable surface. When you've finished simply put it away in a drawer or break it down in seconds to fit in your briefcase.
Most other putting devices can only be played from one direction and they usually incorporate a ramp, so they can only be a uni-directional practice device. What makes the PlayaPutt so special is that you can play from any direction just like a real hole. Because the base-plate is so thin the ball doesn't get deflected so it can just trickle in if on target, or continue on its original path if you just miss.
This means you can practice and play more. Why not set up three or four "holes" around your house or garden for the ultimate off-course fun any time you want.

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