PGA Tour Practice Balls

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PGA Tour Practice Balls

Practice makes perfect with the 36 pack of PGA Tour Practice Balls and safely play indoors or out in the back garden regularly for rapid improvements in your game. Imitating true golf ball flight, but without going as far (or over the fence!) this PGA Tour 36 Practice Balls pack will have you hitting, spinning and shaping your shots quickly and easily so that after some persistent practice, you can take to the golf course and conquer the competition.

PGA Tour Practice Balls True Flight

Designed to imitate real golf balls for more effective practice sessions, PGA Tour Practice Balls deliver true flight characteristics that will teach you were you’re going wrong and when you’re striking the golf ball the right way –all without sailing over the fence and into next door’s greenhouse thanks to their high drag design!

PGA Tour 36 Practice Balls Features

  • 18 soft balls & 18 airflow balls per pack
  • Delivers true golf ball glight
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Regular practice will see consistent improvements in your game

PGA Tour Practice Golf Ball Designs

PGA Tour has produced two practice golf ball designs to accommodate every type of shot you’d like to try. The soft yellow balls are excellent for short shorts, allowing you to get creative with your shaping and distance control. Meanwhile the white airflow balls maximise drag, letting you master your driving from the comfort of your own home or back garden. All you need to do now is practice regularly for consistent improvements.

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