PGA Tour 3' x 9' Putting Mat

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PGA Tour 3' x 9' Putting Mat

For the passionate putter looking to practice until perfect. This PGA Tour 3x9 Pro Length Putting Mat is made from deluxe artificial turf for a realistic roll while offering that extra size to reflect true tournament greens. Featuring three holes to offer more putting positions to practice from and two water hazards to catch your stray shots, it’s perfect for putting indoors or outside.

  • Massive 3’ x 9’ putting area
  • Deluxe artificial turf gives a realistic green roll
  • Three holes provide more putting positions
  • Two water hazards increase challenge & catch stray shots

Is your putting a problem? Then practice makes perfect with a realistic PGA Tour 3x9 Pro Length Putting Mat. With some regular practice sessions you’ll be ready to take on the tournament scene in no time!

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