PGA Tour 2 in 1 Turf Mat

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Practice makes perfect, so use this PGA Tour 2 in 1 Turf Practice Mat regularly for rapid improvement in your chips and drives. Featuring short fairway turf and deep rough, it will give you all the distance and chipping challenges you need to make the big shots in your game really count, while being quick and easy to set up in the office, on the lawn or even out in the street. With regular practice, the PGA Tour 2 in 1 Turf Practice Mat will bring dramatic improvements to your game and with a set of PGA Tour Academy driving and chipping tips included, you could be playing like a PGA Tour pro in no time!

PGA Tour 2 in 1 Turf Practice Aid

Designed for true feedback and feel, this PGA Tour 2 in 1 Turf Practice Aid will bring rapid improvements to your game the more your practice. With 60% of the shots on the golf course made with a combination of iron, fairway and driver, this is a fantastic training aid to help you reduce your shots per round and dramatically improve your score. This great golf accessory also comes with 2 rubber driving range tee's, and a highly convenient carry handle.

PGA Tour 2 in 1 Turf Practice Mat Features

  • Driving aid, fairway aid & chipping aid
  • 10” x 23” (25.5 x 58.5cm) practice mat & removable rubber tee
  • Shorter turf to simulate fairway & longer turf to simulate rough
  • PGA Tour Academy driving & chipping tips Included

PGA Tour Fairway & Rough Turf Practice Mat

Measuring 10” x 23”, the PGA Tour 2 in 1 Turf Practice Mat comes with a removable rubber tee and is made from a rich simulated grass that feels very close to the texture of real rough and fairway lies, giving you the same experience as you would expect to get on a real golf course. One side simulates the fairway while the other simulates the rough, allowing the PGA Tour Practice Mat to function as a driving aid, fairway aid and chipping aid that can be used with other training aids for a more realistic and rewarding practice session. PGA Tour Academy driving and chipping tips are also included to get the most consistency, distance and control from your golf swings.

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