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"Every golfer should possess the skills to play each short game shot with confidence and success. I am certain that by training with the Orange Whip Wedge and the Orange Whip Putter Blade, golfers will improve their short game skills and lower their scores."


Stan Utley, Short Game Expert & PGA Tour Winner


1 - Stan Utley Wedge (35.5")

1 - Orange Whip Putter Blade (35")

  • Trains short game rhythm, tempo and timing
  • Develops solid contact for improved distance and accuracy
  • Enhances creativity and feel for shots on and around the green
  • Helps you understand how to conquer the short game yips
  • Orange Whip patented counterweight, flexible shaft system




Every golfer knows they could lower their scores by playing better and being more consistent around the greens. The Orange Whip Wedge combines all of the same aspects that you love about the Orange Whip Trainer and has brought them to the short game. We’ve combined the Orange Whip flexible shaft and counterweight system with a Stan Utley inspired 56 degree wedge head. The Wedge was designed to hit shots from 25 yards and in to help you maximize your short game shots and enhance your creativity around the greens. Stan and Jim have developed the Orange Whip Wedge to help you improve your short game and improve your scores around the green.

1. Rhythm Training: Find your short game rhythm and sequence by allowing the Wedge club head to swing freely from your wrists, elbows, shoulders and body. It will help you find your sequence.

2. Impact Training: Good rhythm and sequence leads to solid contact. Allowing the Wedge shaft to load and unload at the correct time will help you make solid contact more consistently.

3. Distance Training: Solid contact and rhythm gives you the ability to control your distance. The Wedge will train you to chip and pitch your ball on your intended landing spot and predict the runout to have your ball end up close to the hole.

4. Trajectory Training: Flighting your shots and controlling the runout allows you to be more creative around the green. You will learn to develop and better feel for chips, pitches, bunker shots, and flop shots around the green.




Great putters all have a consistent, repeating tempo to their stroke that stays the same on all lengths of putts. Some use a long, flowing stroke and others a shorter, quicker stroke. What all great putters do the same is maintain the same tempo and timing on every putt, and they make center contact with the ball rolling it end over end on their intended line.

The Orange Whip Putter Blade is engineered to improve your tempo and improve center contact with the ball. When the putter swings and impacts the golf ball, the energy is transferred through the golf ball to the sweet spot to produce perfect, end over end roll. The weight of the putter head combined with the patented Orange Whip counterweight, flexible shaft system allows you to feel the swinging motion and balance of your putting arc. The uniquely designed, dual-sided spherical putter head can be used right or left-handed.

Three key components make up the design of the Orange Whip Putter Blade: Dual-sided spherical putter head, a counter weight, and a flexible shaft.

The dual-sided spherical putter head teaches center contact with the ball and provides instant feedback on sweet spot contact along your intended line.

The counterweight balances the Orange Whip Putter Blade, stabilizing your stroke from start to finish. It’s essential in providing critical feedback on tempo, timing and balance in your stroke.

The flexible shaft promotes tempo and rhythm in your putting stroke by creating the perfect pendulum-like motion. Making contact with the golf ball at the lowest point of the arc will deliver the most energy to the sweet spot and creates ideal end over end roll of the golf ball.

The Orange Whip Putter Blade will help you develop a consistent and repeating, pure putting stroke. Feedback is instant. Make it part of your golf routine and you will hole more putts.

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