No 3 Putt

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No 3 Putt
Many pros have advocated practicing to a smaller target when putting. Why? Because, when you putt, you should always aim at a single point - anything bigger leaves margin for error. The principle behind the No 3-Putt is simple. Becoming an accomplished putter to a small hole makes putting to a regulation 4.25" cup seem easy by comparison. Your confidence on the course will improve, and as a result you will be more likely to make a good stroke.

The No 3-Putt's beveled cup reducer has two rings. The outer ring reduces the cup to 3.5" in width; inserting the second ring reduces the cup to 2.5". This translates to a 17.6% reduction and 41.2% reduction, respectively. You will find yourself more focused during practice, and more relaxed over those daunting three footers. Just imagine if the cup looked 41% bigger to you now!

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