Mentor Mirror

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Perfect Alignment every time.

That means you'll never struggle with soling your putter square again. The Mentor Mirror will make sure the clubface is aimed exactly at your target line with the proper loft.

Warming up with the Mentor Mirror, will give you the greatest bit of putting insurance you can have. You'll soon be sinking even difficult putts with such regularity that your golfing buddies will be left scratching their heads. And you never have to let on that it's all from something you bought on the Internet.

What's more, the Mentor Mirror works for both left and right-handed golfers. You can practice with in on putting greens and on your living room rug. And it fits easily into any golf bag.

How it works.

You just place the Mentor Mirror on the floor or the green and set a ball in the cutout at the end of the mirror. With your eyes directly over the target line and your putter face perfectly square, you stroke the ball... and bingo! a perfect putt every time. The Mirror works as a guide for your putter's path on the backswing and through stroke.

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