Lunavit Gold Bracelet

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Lunavit Gold Bracelet
Lunavit Minus-Ion Bracelet with Gold insert

This bracelet with its patented design - made from high quality smooth silicone and brushed gold - was 'energised' in Germany with 'SM17' technology. This technology has been proven to provide the body with enhanced motor skills and reflexes, and also promotes recovery from fatigue and jetlag. Very popular with sportsmen and women. Thanks to the buckle clasp, it will fit the majority of wrists.

Can a bracelet enhance your motor skills and reflexes, and help you recover from fatigue and jetlag? Apparently so, claim LunaVit, and the one million people who have bought their health bracelets since the German company launched in the mid 1990's obviously agree.

How do these bracelets work?
Now for the science bit…these sporty-looking bracelets emit negative ions at a high concentration of 1200 ions per cubic cm (similar concentrations exist in forests or waterfalls). The patented bracelets are made from hypoallergenic silicone, carbonised titanium, ceramic, tourmaline, which is a negative-ion source; and the little-known metal, germanium, which is said to have stimulating properties and exists in plants such as ginseng and ginger. They also contain two powerful magnets and emit 'far infrared' radiation, which allegedly penetrates deep into the body in the form of heat reflection, revitalising the body's circulation stimulating cell metabolism. And if that's not enough, they have received European CE and TGA certification from the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) and are made with innovative 'SM17' technology that activates the material properties in the bracelet, allowing it to work on the sub-molecular structure of the body.
Adjustable size to fit wrists with a circumference from 15cm to 21cm with a width of 13mm

Lunavit wristbands offer:
More than 1200 negative ions per cbm
Far-infrared reflectivity of 92.5 percent
A 99,9% pure germanium stone GE32
Two ferrite magnets of 600 Gauss

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