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The Lagstick will enable the user to create a better swing plane and therefore creating better ball striking.

Learn to feel and see how great ball strikers attack the ball. With the use of the Lag Stick, you can put yourself in a position to strike the ball with a large amount of lag while swinging the club on plane. The Lag Stick will help you produce a straight compressed shot every time.

The Lag Stick is delivered with an instruction pamphlet and custom tee.

Simple check points to follow when when using the Lagstick

The Takeaway

Halfway back, hinge the wrists and set the club on plane for rod to extend.

The Downswing

On downswing focus on swinging the rod tip past the lead leg and pointing it towards the target. This will ensure an on plane delivery with a ton of lag into the ball, just like the best ball strikers in the world do it.


The end result is compression. A powerful impact position that all the best ball strikers attain

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