CS2 Putting Mat

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CS2 Putting Aid, This is the tool you want if you want to perfect your putting technique. This Putting Aid will make your putting just as good as the top PGA players in no time!. This putting matt and aid can be used in and outdoors
The advantage with this system is that you get immediate feed back on your putting stroke; the system has end gates that you putt through, the better you get the more you can move the end gates in and reduce the gap that the ball rolls through, which makes it harder, but improves your stroke.
  • Used by Tour Players
  • Instruction manual
  • Size 2.4m x 48cm
  • Create a raised edge for breaking putts
  • Varible width puttung rails
Whilst on the putting green you can lift off the run way so you are putting true green surface by anchoring your system down using tee pegs. You can also lift the base plate that takes away the rails leaving tee peg guide. This Putting Aid is made from the very best materials, The Aid has 4 modes of play: Rails & Gates; Rails Only; String Only and Free Putting.
You can also practice breaking putts by sliding your foam insert underneath the mat, moving your CS2 putting cup accordingly. With the correct pace, you should be able to improve and make every putt!
Each aspect of the CS2 is adjustable so its training of the fundamentals of putting is applicable at every level of golf and as golfers become more consistent with their stroke they can test themselves on more difficult settings.

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