Hi Impact Resistant Lie Angle Fit board

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The “Gorilla” Lie Angle Fitting Board is made of a super thin, industrial engineered polycarbonate for strength and durability. Unlike conventional lie angle fitting boards made of rubber, clubheads simply bounce off the surface minimizing soot transfer, scratches and nicks to the sole. This is a distinct advantage in a retail fitting environment where the usage of brand new demo clubs is prevalent. To aid both golfers and fitters, swing path guides are brilliantly displayed underneath the board and protected by thin film lamination to ensure the helpful alignment lines will last forever. The board measures 355mm wide by 603 mm long and only 6 mm thick (14"x 23 3/4" x 1/4). Two front and center ball position locator dimples provide club fitters with the repeatability needed to analyse swing patterns.
Apply a strip of masking tape on the sole of a five iron and mark the center of the sole as shown. For each 1/4” (6mm) impact off center and towards the toe, the correction angle would be 1 degree more upright. For each 1/4” (6mm) impact off centre towards the heel, the correction angle would be 1 degree more flat. This rule applies only to the test club used and must be repeated with each club in the set. For accurate lie fitting the golfer should preferably wear flat soled sport shoes. For best results, lie angle impact test should be repeated 4~5 times with each iron in the set

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