Golf Connection Ball

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Golf Connection Ball
The Golf Connection Ball will help you understand that the arms and body work best together.
The user will be find it encourages good timing, or a proper sequential motion, while helping to prevent over swinging and excessive looseness in the forearms. These actions tend to help eliminate unwanted casting of the hands while encouraging a strong “big muscle” controlled swing. Practicing at home, or hitting balls at the range the Golf Connection Ball will quickly and easily help the user to build a solid repeatable swing.
Quote from Ben Hogan's book The modern fundamentals of golf
“When your arms are set right at address, it makes it immeasurably easier to get the proper function out of the arms. With practice, they will act the same way on swing after swing, with no variation, repeating the same action almost like a machine.”
Key Swing Benefits
Keeps the arms straight during the takeaway.
Stops forearms from separating during the back swing.
Helps shorten the back swing.
Creates a bigger should turn.
Achieving a wide arc gives more distance to the flight of the ball.
In addition helps to reduce bending of the left arm at the top of your backswing.
Helps the user to feel a in to out swing path.
Click here to see Martin Kaymer explaining how he uses a ball to help him stay connected through his swing

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