G-Rip Mentor training grip

Size and orientation: Mens (Blue) R/H
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Mentor Training Grips
This grip comes in sizes, Men's, Ladies and Junior.
This product is aimed at helping the golfer to perfect a correct grip.
A qualified PGA Pro or Custom club maker should fit it, as it has to be fitted correctly and in the right position. This is very important because the way we grip the club dictates the way that we swing the club. If you grip it badly or inconsistently, expect bad shots to follow.
When changing the way you grip your Golf Club, it will always feels odd and uncomfortable. For this reason, many give up and just slip back into the old ways and end up with the same problem.
The preformed Mentor grip helps you keep the correct grip by gently guiding your hands into a good position. When it starts to feel comfortable it will help you naturally pick up your clubs and without thinking you will grip them correctly. When this happens you are on your way to playing better golf.
Tip - Get a Golf Pro to fit it to a spare 7 iron
Then each day, swing the club in your back garden 25 times in the morning and 25 times in the evening, more if you want. The more you do the quicker it will feel good. You do not need to hit a ball, just get used to the position of your hands and this in turn will improve your swing arc. After a short time you will be amazed at how quickly the correct grip will feel comfortable. In a few days take it to the practice range and hit some balls with it. You will notice and see the difference.
(This product is just for practice and cannot be used when playing in a tournament, as it does not conform to the rules of golf).
A famous Tour Pro once said “Its much better to have a perfect grip with a bad swing, than a perfect swing with a bad grip”.
(A good grip will always end up with a better result).

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