Full length free standing mirror

Wall mounting bracket: Wall mounting bracket
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This UK manufactured sturdy framed practice mirror allows monitoring of all positions of the swing. It has a large 122 cm x 52cm (48" x 20.5") surface area with minimal distortion, and has the added benefit of an additional adjustable rear leg that makes it suitable for all sizes of golfers, enabling it to be set to visually guide your swing plane or specifically check your positions.
The mirror's sturdy design and construction allows it to be free standing in either an indoor or outdoor environment,
The mirror has a rear leg support which is also adjustable to enable the upright angle to be from 15 degrees to 35 degrees, giving a viewing angle for a full swing of between 1.4 metres (4' 6") and 3.4 metres (11').
Dry wipe whiteboard markers work fine on mirror surface for any reference lines required.
Weight approx 4 Kgs.
The mirror also folds flat to a depth of 45mm (1.75") for easy storage and can be wall mounted on an optional wall bracket that can be purchased seperately.
Wall mounting bracket (H 60cm x W 67cm) is fixed to a wall via 4 screw fixings supplied) and allows for this mirror to be hooked on and off and removed for safe keeping, if required. When the mirror is mounted on the bracket it is still fully adjustable.

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