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The ARC Mirror is a new product that solves the double problem of (1) how to use a T3 Putting Arc indoors, and (2) how to accurately monitor head, eye, shoulder positions and head/body stability while practicing with a T3 indoors or outdoors. Up to now, the T3 has not been recommended for indoor use. With the two tied together, the T3 is much more stable indoors and the mirror can easily be taped down if necessary. The ARC Mirror was designed to work with the T3 Putting Arc but it will work equally as well with any of the other Putting Arcs. Large usable size, yet folds to fit in a golf bag.

    • The 1/4″ slots in the mirror allow the mirror to be anchored on an outdoor green with golf tees, and the mirror can then be adjusted slightly to get a perfect alignment.
    • The thin hinge on the bottom side of the mirror allows the mirror to be folded and then it is small enough to fit in the side pocket of a golf bag, That, and it's light weight, make it very easy for the golfer who travels a lot. When unfolded the golfer has a large 12″ x 12″ mirror and he/she can see all monitored positions and body parts without adjusting the mirror.
    • The ARC Mirror can be used with or without a Putting Arc. A golfer can use the Putting Arc he/she already has or order one separately. A Putting Arc does not come with the ARC Mirror.
    • The Velcro (hook and loop) kit is used to correctly attach a Putting Arc to the mirror with infinite adjustability, and to make sure the Putting Arc moves with the mirror when it is adjusted. The Velcro is included in the carry bag.The Velcro adjustment is necessary because the putter head length can vary from under 4″ to well over 5″, so the centre-line to heel distance can vary up to 1″.
    • The Putting Arc is correctly attached when (1) the sweet spot or line-up line on the putter is centered on the top mirror, (2) the heel of the putter is in contact with the Putting Arc, (3) the straight edge of the Putting Arc is parallel to the edge of the mirror and (4) the centre line of the Putting Arc is lined up with the vertical line on the Mirror. The back of the ball should always be even with this vertical line for proper use of the Putting Arc. Thus, any line-up adjustments to the mirror will automatically adjust the Putting Arc and it will still be correctly aligned.
    • The cut-out in the top mirror allows the golf ball to sit on the green or putting surface, for a realistic feel at impact.
    • The single vertical line on the mirror is for a correct, square putter face alignment at setup.
    • The three horizontal lines on the edges of the bottom mirror are used to make sure the bottom edge of the Putting Arc is parallel to the intended starting line of the putt.
    • Additional custom lines can be drawn on the mirrors by the golfer, using a Sharpie marking pen.
    • The black cloth bag is to protect the mirrored surface during travel and storage.

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