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This practical putting trainer will help you see the line, every time. Golf handicaps are lowered on the green, not off the tee.
The EyePutter company goal is to lower more handicaps than anyone else in the world. They want it to be your number one tool for improving your game, and that means helping you shoot lower scores.
Lower scores start on the green. As the old saying goes, “you drive for show and you putt for dough.” The golfers who sink their putts the first time are the golfers who win rounds.
What’s the best way to improve your putting? You need biofeedback to create muscle memory. The EyePutter corrects two common flaws in putting technique. The level teaches your hands to hold the putter square, so you strike the ball clean. The mirror teaches you to keep your head down through the stroke, so your mechanics stay sound.
In addition, EyePutter owners get access to Rob Roy’s training videos, which demonstrate a grip, stroke and stance that will help you create topspin and a natural pendulum motion. All together, these tools will make you much more consistent on the greens and a lot more feared in your foursome.
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