Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0

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What's New With the Speed Trap 2.0?

  • Wider to make it easier for your Driver
  • Tethers - in case you hit a guide rod it will stay close for your next swing
  • Larger velcro to keep the rods in place over-and-over again
  • Longer slot to give more room for you to “trap” the ball
  • Brighter alignment stripe for your eyes to see the intended line
  • Carry bag with a zippered pouch to hold your rods and tethers
  • Backed with the instruction you need to know what to do with the Speed Trap 2.0 to improve - not just flail away in confusion

Let’s get off to a successful start with the Speed Trap 2.0. Start with 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Base Only

Begin with the base only. Let yourself adjust to a new view of the target. Make some swings to just hit the ground in the middle of the slot. Start with slow, partial swings. Aim for slow swings that just brush the turf... then move on!
Let’s add a target - put a tee in the turf. Make slow, partial swings hitting the tee.

Increase speed and swing length. Stay with this drill until it seems easy, then move on.

Add a Ball!

Step 2 - Rods Facing Outwards


Let’s bring in the challenge you’ve been waiting for - the brilliant, red, training rods! Start with one or two rods facing outwards.
Put them in the front, and as wide as possible. Begin with no ball, just a tee - make slow, partial swings. Increase your speed and length.
And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for... add the ball and tee it up (for now). Make slow, partial swings.
Focus on good contact with the ball- missing the rods. Increase speed and swing length. Stay with this drill until it seems easy... then move on.

Step 3 - Rods Tilted Toward Body

Start with only the front rods. Make good swings and begin reducing the width of the rods. Find success first, then make it more challenging.
Bigger clubs, the driver for instance, need wider margins. You are building a reliable swing! You are now ready to use different rod configurations to shape shots.
See the "Draws and Fades" section below to learn how to eliminate your slice or hook and hit a beautiful fade or draw.




A well-executed chip shot saves a lot of strokes. It demands solid contact and accurate direction. Move the ball back for more backspin, and forward for more roll.
High, soft pitches that land dead are useful and beautiful. Push the ball position a little forward. Sweep the club through the ball with a less descending strike.
The Speed Trap prevents the hands from “scooping” the ball into the air.

Bunkers: Green and Fairway

Bunkers can be intimidating. The Speed Trap helps you miss the base, hit the sand.
Move ball position forward for green side explosion shots or ball position back a little for fairway bunker play. You'll be amazed!

Install the Tethers

Squeeze the Velcro end of the rod.

Push the loop of the tether over the rod. This is a tight fit!

Attach Tethers to Base

Slide the “knob” end of the tethers into the slots in front of the velcro.

Listen for the “click” to know it is firmly in place.

Attach Rods for Training

Firmly push the velcro end of the rod onto thevelcro strip on the base.

Rotate or move the rods to your desired training width and direction.


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