Eyeline Sight Line system

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There are a lot of conditions that cause our eyes to see things inaccurately – concussion, surgeries, chemical burns, lasik surgery, glasses, and many more. Often they create a condition called “Parallax Error” where lines don’t “line up” as they should. This can happen putting. We think we are seeing “straight”, and we are not seeing accurately.
This inaccuracy can be detected and adjustments made with the Sight Line. In less than a minute, you will adjust your eye position, match the lines in the mirror, and know where your eyes should be at address for you to see your target with precision.
Simply mark your position in your putting mirror and put your eyes on this mark each time you putt.
The Sight Line will answer your questions, help you make adjustments, and set you straight on target.
Sight Line System Includes:
  • Sight Line base
  • Putting Alignment Mirror with Level
  • Vertical Mirror with Level and Stand
  • Carry Bag

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