Eyeline Pin Point laser

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The Pin Point Laser instantly answers the most important question in putting: Where am I aimed?
The powerful Pin Point laser is attached to the face of the putter just above the height of the ball. The trigger for the laser is attached to the reverse side of the putter grip. Your “trigger finger” rests on the button.
Aim the putter at one of the Pin Point targets. Push the trigger and fire the laser dot. It instantly shows precisely where you are aimed.
Change targets and try again. Refine your alignment. Aim at the cup and hit the putt – watch it drop in the middle of the cup. Perfect aim; perfect putt.
The “sticky” pads on the Pin Point laser mount can be reused over and over. Just rinse them off and the “sticky” returns.
Powerful laser can be used outdoors or inside. Perfect practice makes perfect. Comes with protective case and 3 Pin Point targets.
Download instructions here

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