Eyeline Memory Band System for Putting Rail

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Quick Start Guide for the Memory Band
1. Choose which direction you want to train with, use the list below and identify your common faults.
2. Move putter against resistance to the first black line on the rail - Hold there for 30 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, repeat 3 times.
3. Step away from the rail and hit 5 putts, you will feel your body starting to repeat your new stroke.
4. Repeat process...
Train pushing forward to:
- Create a shorter backswing
- Eliminate deceleration
- Eliminate quick take-away
- Train accelerating stroke
- Reduce backswing wrist cock
- Stop bringing the putter outside the correct path
Train pushing back to:
- Reduce extended follow through
- Eliminate quick transition
- Lengthen backswing
- Keep putter low going back
- Start putter on correct path

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