Eyeline Gate Trainer

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Eyeline Gate Trainer

The Eyeline Putting Gate Trainer allows you to quickly and easily create putting gates for your putting practice. Tour Pros around the world use this type of training to perfect and condition their swing. So-called gates, i.e. goals using golf tees, are simply placed on the green. These gates then serve as a practice aid during putting training. Normally, setting up this training method is very time-consuming because you have to work very precisely. With the Gate Trainer, on the other hand, putter and ball gates can be set up quickly and easily and golf training can begin.

The Eyeline Gate Trainer requires only three simple steps:
1. Align the Gate Trainer with the target.
2. Place golf tees in the designated areas using the Gate Trainer as a mask.
3. Remove the Gate Trainer and begin putting practice.

In addition, the Gate Trainer is designed to be used with the Eyeline Putting Mirror (not included). Both putt training aids are ideally matched to each other. With the putting mirror you can then also visually check your eyes, shoulder and putter alignment.

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