Eyeline "New" Balance Rod

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The "New" Eyeline balance rod was released at the 2015 PGA show
Why Use It?
Good balance is essential to consistent shots,– putts, chips, and full swings. Our body makes compensations to make us think we are in balance, so we don'’t always know where our weight is truly distributed. While our bodies adjust surprisingly well to find balance, they will also find the easiest way to accomplish this balance. In golf, that could mean lifting up your head instead of turning your body - which isn't good! The Balance Rod causes an initial imbalance that will force your body to use your legs for stabilisation rather than your spine. Within a few swings, you will have grounded athletic posture and balance.
How Does It Work?
The EyeLine Balance Rod makes it a little more difficult to stay in balance. Our body works very quickly to adjust. Within a few swings, without thinking, you will know your weakness and refine your balance.
The Result
When you remove the Balance Rod, you feel more balanced and grounded than ever. Your body has learned to fine-tune itself to give you perfect balance
It's Simple To Use
Stand on the Balance Rod with it just in front of your heel.
Allow your body to find its balance. If your toes or your heels come up, you will know your balance needs adjustment. Your mind will start its fine-tuning.
Begin hitting smooth, half-swing shots. After several swings, you will begin to feel more comfortable. The adjustments are being made.
Gradually move into a full swing.
Finally step off the Balance Rod and hit shots. Notice how grounded you feel. It is amazing!
Here's A Drill
Hit 9-irons until you are able to stay balanced on the Rod.
Remove the Rod and hit 10 with a full swing.
Repeat with 5-iron, then the driver.
The goal is to create a sense of balance and muscle memory, keep your balance throughout your entire stroke.
Alternative Use
Set the Balance Rod perpendicular to your target line. Put the outside of your back foot (the right foot for right-handers, left for lefties) on the Rod.
It will create a great brace for your back leg. This will prevent you from moving your body outside your base during your backswing. It retains your power.

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