Chalk Line & Reel Set

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Chalk Line & Reel Set
Chalk Line and Reel Set
Comes with 50' of line, a small level and 4 oz/113grams of blue chalk enabling the user to create that straight line on any putting surface.

What the Pro's do;
Tournament professionals use the following drill to improve their putter face alignment, putting technique and confidence. If you ever attend a professional golf tournament, have a close look at the practice putting green and you will see a number of chalk-lines placed on the green by either the professional or their coach trying to resolve putting errors immediately.

Find a 4 or 5 metre straight uphill putt on the practice green. Professionals typically look for an area near the edge of the green so that the line doesn't disturb anyone else. Make several putts to ensure there is no break in the putt. Then, place the chalk-line hook inside the putting green cup and snap the chalk line on the green along the intended line of putt.

Start about 1 metre from the hole, putt six balls. When you make all six putts in a row, move further back in 1 metre intervals and repeat the drill until you make all the putts from this new distance. If you miss one ball, stay at the distance until you hole all putts successfully.

The chalk line allows you to be sure that the white line on the putter face is square to the target which promotes the proper stroke path and provides a visual aid to help you align your feet and body square to the target line. Putting uphill encourages hitting short putts firmly into the cup, which reduces the chances of a weak putt breaking out of the hole. In addition, practicing with six balls from each distance until completed successfully is a great mental drill and will help resolve unseen alignment errors in the stroke.

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