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The Motion Putting Guide, by Olivier Léglise and Wellputt
Olivier Leglise, National coach said "For as long as I have taught golf, I have been looking for a teaching tool specialized in helping players build their own putting stroke. I wanted to find a precise and personalized tool capable of helping players identify and correct their mistakes in order to steadily improve. However, having never found this teaching and training tool, I decided to create it myself! I had the opportunity to do so with the help of the WEELPUTT Company and its team of designers who specialize in creating short game training devices".
Contact, direction and speed for a perfect roll of the golf-ball !
My first goal for this invention was to provide players with a very simple and precise device essentially based on the 3 major components of successful putts :contact, direction and speed.
The Arc to Arc 5 putting guide (Motion Putting Guide) was born from my collaboration with the WELLPUTT company. This putting guide will help you reproduce the ideal putting movement thanks to the 3 main markers of your swing:
1. The path of the club for proper contact control.
2. The clubface orientation for perfect direction
3. The swing amplitude for good distance control.
Arc to Arc suited to each player
My second goal was to offer an ideal putting guide to players, no matter their kind of putter or their putting techniques, which would produce the same result, i.e. a perfectly squared clubface at impact for perfect ball contact and a perfect roll.
The challenge was therefore to regroup the most efficient and the most commonly used putting techniques used by the best putters in the world into3 categories . The result was the design of 3 Arc to Arc training models, each dependant on the player and his own method of putting, therefore enabling him to work and improve with a guide perfectly suited to his own style :
Arc to arc 3 types available

1 -Remove the Arc to Arc 5 from the tube
2 - Unroll the guide Arc to Arc 5 and roll it in the other side. The material is specific and is engineered with shape retention memory. When you roll it in the other side, it becomes totally flat.
3 - Place the Motion Putting Guide Arc to Arc 5 on a flat section of the putting green (outdoor use) or of your house floor (indoor use). On a green, use tees to fix the guide to the floor and to make the exercices; Indoor, used Wellputt slots (sold separately).
Arc to arc sur un green Arc to Arc sur Welling putt
Technical specificities of the material :
1- Print on sur a material with retention memory, Arc to Arc products can be easily placed and offer a totally flat surface, without deformation when putting.
2- The extremely fine material gives also a perfect use without any hop when the ball is running.
3- Tearproof and totally waterproof , without any condensation effect, this unique material is perfect in any circonstance.
4- Non électrostatic (versus plexiglass or le hard plastic), the surface stay free of impurity.
5- Flexible, it fits easily in a plastic tube and can be carried in the golf bag.
6- Non glossy, it doesn't dazzle and the colors used in the design are chosen in order to avoid eyestrain when prolonged use, especially to the sun.
Exercices and training
Olivier Léglise, designer of the "Motion Putting Guide Arc To Arc 5", explain you how to use this guide and created exercices to perform and progress in putting.
See instructions
Size and packaging :
Packaging Arc to ArcThe Motion Putting Guide Arc To Arc 5 is sold in its plastic tube.
Size of the tube : 21.5cm (height) - diameter : 5.5 cm.
Size of the guide, (when opened) : lenght : 82cm - width : 18cm.

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