Titan Sportsline Necklace

Colour: Yellow with White text
Necklace length: Medium 17 3/4 inch (45cm)
Sale price£19.95


Titan SportsLine Neclace
These Titan SportsLine (Ion Energiser) Necklaces are comfortable to wear and combine all the benefits of the Titan Wristbands with the additional benefits of strength and vitality normally gained from bathing in radium hot springs. This is achieved by a strip of natural mineral ore on the inside of the neclace offering you additional ion balancing and deep infra-red ray power.

Key benefits;

Ease wrist, hand, elbow, back and shoulder pain
Restore important ion balance
Warm cold hands and feet
Improve concentration and focus
Help recovery from sports fatigue

Titan SportLine Necklaces are front fastening and are available in 5 colours in two sizes 18.75" (45cm) and 21.6" (52cm) .

Titan Rules makes no claim that there is scientific consensus regarding these products.The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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