DST Compressor Pitching Wedge with curved shaft

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How DST Compressor Golf Clubs Work
DST stands for Delayed Strike Technology. DST golf clubs force you to locate, train and perfect the optimal impact position. Impact is the moment of truth in the swing, it is the only position that really matters.
The Secret of Golf is to have a delayed strike or lag impact where your hands lead the club face through the ball. As a result the club face is under control until after the ball has been struck, enabling you to consistently improve your ball strike and accuracy.
The DST clubs have been designed with a specific sole angle. The sole is also wide and flat so that the club orientates itself horizontally on the ground in the set up position with the shaft of the club leaning forwards, towards your lead shoulder (which is the centre of the club head arc).
The DST clubs incorporate a Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM) which runs at an angle down the front of the hosel. When the HPAM is aligned with your eye line and the leading groove on the club face, you have located the most logical set up position and optimal impact position. All you have to do is complete your normal swing but return the club to the same position through impact and you will have reached the Optimal Impact Position.



Mens Club Length: 35.00" (measured along the shaft axis)

Club Head Design Loft: 58 degrees

Club Head Dynamic Loft: 48 degrees

Lie Angle: 64 degrees

Mens Swing Weight: D5

Ladies Swing Weight: D1

Shaft Flex: Uniflex Steel

Shaft Tip Diameter: 0.370"

Grip: Rubber Round

Technical Features

The sole of DST clubs have been designed to be wide and flat, so when a player sets up in a conventional address position and then pushes their hands forwards the sole of the club will orientate itself horizontally to the ground due to the designed forward hosel lean. In this position the club has been designed so that Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM - the groove which runs at an angle down the front of hosel) will point towards the players eyeline. In addition the HPAM will also appear to be aligned with the leading groove on the club head. In this position the leading groove and the HPAM appear to be a continuation of the same line from the players perspective, the player will have located a set up position where the club shaft and their leading arm will be aligned with the center of the club head arc (their lead shoulder). From this position the player should make their normal swing and return the club to the same hand position through impact.

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