TourStriker Impact Strap

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The Tour Striker Impact Strap is a proactive training aid that forces you to maintain the angle between your arm and the club. The Impact Strap will help you deliver a more reliable clubface through impact by helping you with your dynamic posture providing a better sense of sequence with your arms, club and body.
Start the ball on your intended target line AND with greater power.
Works for both Right and Left handed players and one size fits all.

Unboxing your Impact Strap

The Tour Striker Impact Strap is a proactive training aid that doesn’t allow you to thumb down and stand up during impact. When you put the Impact Strap on you’ll intuitively learn how to get your body in the correct position so you can strike a golf ball.
It’s really going help you get the lead arm and body working in the right relationship for you to get the clubface on the ball to be a more predictable, powerful striker.
Watch the video for instructions on unboxing your Impact Strap and hitting your first ball!

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