The Golf Buddy

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The Golf Buddy

The Golf Buddy
The Buddy suits all levels from beginners just starting out to professionals fine tuning. Can be used as part of your leading arm fitness program or to refine your technique.
Improvements can be seen with just 15 minutes a session.

What Does The Golf Buddy Do?
The Golf Buddy promotes 'width' in the backswing. Many golfers for a number of technical reasons get very 'long' and 'narrow' at the top of the swing. The result is a narrow swing arc in the downswing or club head 'throw away'. All of which causes a myriad of poor shots
The Golf Buddy helps the golfer to put the club on the correct plane on the way down.
The Golf Buddy promotes 'connection' through the shot
The Golf Buddy can be used to train the synergistic golfing muscles and the opposing side of the body which will promote greater length due to the bodies ability to slow the club down more effectively
The Golf Buddy can be used for a multitude of physical exercises, postural corrective work and as an effective 'circuit breaker'.

To use the Golf Performance Buddy just step into the leg straps with the belt buckle to the rear. Once fitted adjust any slack so the device fits comfortably. Apply the wrist strap to your Top Hand (this is the left hand for a right handed player & right hand for a left handed player) then clip the elastics clip to the D-ring on the same side as your Top Hand. For juniors or players with less arm power the centre D-ring can be used).

Action: Go through the golf swing action “Off” the ball several times to allow the neuromuscular memory to assist in retaining the action required before hitting the ball.

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