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Swingyde is placed on the club grip and, in conjunction with the student’s wrists, provides guidance and feedback on a number of basic swing fundamentals. Comes with a Jim Flick instruction DVD, wristband, and instruction sheet.

Swingyde is a simple but highly effective product designed to teach you a better takeaway, as well as how and where to set the wrists during the swing. This simple device will ensure you are set properly at the top of the swing and enable you to maintain a better swing arc and swing plane. Even before the first swing, the Swingyde will assist the player with setup and alignment to the target. On the downswing, you will be encouraged to keep the wrists in a powerful lag position. At the same time, the Swingyde will help put the face of the club squarely on the ball. At all times during the swing, the player can easily check the clubface position by looking at the Swingyde.

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