SKLZ Power Wedge

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SKLZ has done it again with the Power Wedge practice aid. The wedge is designed to improve your golf swing by focusing on the backswing coil and the downswing sequencing. Simply listen for the "click" during practice and watch your scores go down!
SKLZ Power Wedge Weight Shift Tool Features:
Synchronizes legs, arms and hips
Helps you coil in the backswing, prevents swaying back
Develops better ball contact
"Click" sound at the proper weight shift as the club passes through impact
To Use:
Stake wedge to the ground using tees
Take your stance so that the wedge rests under the outside of the back foot
The properly sequenced "click" means you're shifting your weight off your back foot with solid timing
Take Away The Sway With The SKLZ Power Wedge!

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