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The PowerBandz consists of a set of two 4' bands with individual handles and includes a combination door and loop attachment. It can be secured in a door jam, on a golf cart, weight machine or fence pole for a warm up or total workout wherever you choose.
It is currently available in heavy resistance level only
The GolfGym® PowerBandz are designed for the golfer looking to develop greater rotation, strength, flexibility and balance through golf specific movement patterns and exercises. Use in-season and off-season.
The GolfGym PowerBandz are designed to develop golf specific muscle movement patterns against resistance to ingrain those movement patterns in your body and mind. The PowerBandz are not designed for building muscle with as much resistance as can be generated. Heavier resistance doesn't necessarily translate into faster, more fluid swing speed. Therefore, Coach Joey D recommends the Heavy Resistance for the golfer who does weight training regularly and considers him or herself very strong.

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