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This way you get the very best advice from a leading specialist on every part of golf; someone who has worked with leading tour pros as well as amateurs and club golfers.
Pocketshots golf tip front coverThe Pocketshots™ are a little bit smaller in size than a standard British passport - but are considerably lighter (weighing about as much as 4 sheets of A4 paper). The use of durable paper and covers will ensure they last long enough for you to engrain all the new good habits you will get into.
Golf lesson bookDue to its special folds, it's so easy to unfold and fold up again, even in windy conditions. Simply pull the two covers apart and hey presto out pops a handy pocket-sized golf lesson.
Golf tips imageThe lessons are arranged in sequences reading from left to right, so that you can follow a whole swing sequence very easily. Simply read the inside cover first from left to right and top to bottom.
Golf tuition productsWhen you reach the bottom of the inside then simply flip it over and do the same on the back cover.
They're really easy to slip in and out of your back pocket or your golf bag or handbag and are very easy to handle. You can hold them in your hands, lay them on the floor or hold them up against the side of a driving range bay. How you choose to use them is up to you.
Pocketshots™ - Short Game - Speciality Shots
PGA Master Professional Keith Williams takes you through some speciality short game shots. From Lob shots to cut-up shots this has all the greenside shots you need to improve your scores.
Pocketshots™ - Short Game - Fundamentals
PGA Master Professional Keith Williams takes you through the theory and practice of quality chipping and pitching. If you want to save shots by getting up and down more often then this is for you.
Pocketshots™ - Bunker - Fundamentals
Mark Holland is one of the most experienced golf coaches in Australia. In this edition he shares with you some of the secrets to getting up and down from greenside bunkers.
Pocketshots™ - Mental Game - Effective Practice
Karl Morris, one of Europe’s leading golf mind instructors shares some of his work with leading golfers. In the first edition he shows you how to practice effectively. This will stop you hitting it well on the range and badly on the course.
Pocketshots™ - Swing Fundamentals
By D.J. Wilkinson and Steve Gould of the famous Knightsbridge Golf School in London. Learn their simple 4 stage Swing Model and start swinging the club more consistently and striking the ball better more often.

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