Tom Bullough Green Mini Band

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Green Mini Band Loop is often used for glute activation, and shoulder rehab. Band measures 500x50.5x0.5mm
The glutes are the powerhouse of the swing. The ability to load and apply force with the hips and glutes during the swing will maximise the distance that we can hit the ball. Sitting in the car, travelling to events and the golf club will cause the hip flexors to become short and tight, this in turn will cause the posture of the pelvis to be altered which will limit the function of the glutes (see Lower Crossed Syndrome). The glutes will create a stable base that you can make a balanced, powerful swing from and generate power and club head speed by rotating the hips during the down swing. Glute activation can also help you avoid injury. Tiger withdrew from the Farmers Insurance open citing his ‘glutes not firing’ as the cause of his lower back pain. As minor a problem as this may have sounded there is some logic to his claim. The glutes help to move and stabilise the pelvis. If they are not working properly the body may look to the lower back and erectors for rotation or support that can lead to back pain and spasms.
Crab walks, monster walks and stomps are going to activate/‘wake up’ your glutes. This will provide you with the stable base to turn around (common in all the longest hitters) and will also allow you to rotate your hips back towards the target during the downswing.
Watch a short video of Tom Bullough explaing how both his foam roller and the Green Miniband help golfers of all abilities;

Perfect My Golf Roller & Mini Band from Tom Bullough on Vimeo.

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