Right Hand Bionic Classic/StableGrip Golf Glove for Left handed golfers

Size: Small
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Bionic Classic/StableGrip Golf Glove BIONIC CLASSIC/STABLEGRIP GOLF GLOVE The Bionic Golf Gloves fit like a second skin and are so comfortable you will hardly even notice you're wearing them. This form-fitting comfort provides you with superior touch and feel. They are made from top grade cabretta leather that is so supple you are able to pick up small objects, such as your golf tee, with ease. The Bionic Golf glove is designed to help improve grip strength and retain club control. Many golfers grip the club harder then necessary to compensate for the uneven surfaces of the hand. This results in fatiguing the hand and causes inconsistent shots. The Bionic Golf Glove Features: relief padding that is placed in strategic locations, at all the right pressure points, to even out the hand surface. These locations include; the thumb, the fingers and the palm. These pads help with enhancing comfort without interfering with hand motion. This uniquely designed glove has a motion zone - to improve flexibility, comfort, and performance - at the palm, thumb and fingers. web zones for enhanced air flow and moisture control. In addition, after a long day of 18 holes, the gloves can be either hand or machine washed. The gloves must be air dried.

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