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Tempo Teacher

Tempo Teacher

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Quick Overview:

Tempo Teacher is designed to increase the distance and consistency of your golf shots by indicating the correct hip rotation throughout the swing.


Tempo Teacher™ is designed to increase the distance and consistency of your golf shots. The simple design makes it easy for golfers to use and understand, providing immediate feedback to the golfer on proper hip rotation throughout the swing.

Hip rotation is critical to a great downswing, and Tempo Teacher was designed to perfect proper rotation. Ben Hogan in his book, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, states: "(Proper hip rotation) creates early speed. It transfers the weight from the right foot to the left foot. It takes the hips out of the way and gives your arms plenty of room to pass. It funnels your force forward toward your objective. It puts you in a strong hitting position where the big muscles in the back and the muscles in the shoulders, arms and hands are properly delayed so that they can produce their maximum performance at the right time and place." 
Poor hip rotation can result in fat shots, "skulls", slices and hard hooks. Tempo Teacher provides golfers with an unobtrusive physical guide that allows them to visualise the path of their hips, allowing the golfer to experience the feel of a downswing where the hips lead and the arms and lower body are "in sync". 
Tempo Teacher’s co-inventor, Conor Butts, says, “As a golfer of 23 years and having the opportunity to work with great instructors, I understand the importance of simplicity and results. We have designed Tempo Teacher to give golfers immediate feedback and improve their natural swing, leading to lower scores.” 
Co-inventor Phillip Butts says, “I always struggled with wanting more distance out of my tee shots, so I studied the swing of professional golfers and consistently tried to feel the sensation of my hips leading through the downswing.” Phillip’s vision has become a reality with the development of the Tempo Teacher.
Tempo Teacher is a unique entry in the world of golf training aids. It's inexpensive, simple to use, lightweight (less than 8 oz. in weight) and small (just 18” in length), unobtrusive, and it works.

“Tempo Teacher is a simple and easy to use training aid that is designed to help golfers hit longer, more consistent shots, without focusing too much on individual mechanics,” says Tim Cusick, Director of Golf Instruction at TPC Las Colinas. Our methodology focuses on keeping your body in ‘sync’, and clearing your hips through the impact zone for better ball contact. “Solid shots increase distance and consistency, both of which lead to lower scores.”

“Tempo Teacher has restored the distance and consistency that has been missing from my game. The extra distance and improved consistency allowed me to shoot my low score, 77, at age 51.” *** William, 12.3 handicap

“Tempo Teacher has helped my students get the correct feeling of the hips, club and body turing through the shot. It’s simple and a good way to increase the speed of your swing.” *** Christian Kirchner, Germany Ranked Top 5 PGA Instructor

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